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There is a beast in the fog.

A hungry thing with claws and wings, that stalks unseen, that destroys everything and everyone it pulls in.

But now it’s been stopped, at an old cabin in ancient woods, and four strangers, each desperate to remain alive, must figure out why.

What is it about this building, this ground, that keeps the end of the world at bay?

Assuming they can find an answer before killing each other and before the beast can find them, can they push the destruction back,

or will they end up being the last four humans on Earth?



Collapse is the first feature film from Hatchet Valley Productions, a collaboration between Hellbender Media and Digital Shadow Films. Collapse is the story about a devastating world eating fog covering the world and surrounding the last of humanity. Four people from seperate walks of life converge at what appears to be the last piece of the world…a small remote cabin in the woods. While staving off the creatures trying to get in they must try to work together and figure out what is happening before it kills them…or they kill each other.


Production Photos